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The organization Keep Georgia Tidy (KGT) offers all schoolchildren a fun competition.


We focus on developing environmental knowledge and skills among schoolchildren. Accordingly, we are working on the Eco-Schools world program. Within the framework of the Eco-Schools program, thematic materials were created, which were adopted to the Georgian context. However, in acquiring this knowledge, a unique role is assigned to practical activities, when children are given the opportunity to independently observe, study, and find an original solution to a given issue.


It is vital for us that schoolchildren turn theoretical materials into fun activities. This summer competition is another proof of that.


How to participate?


All schoolchildren can think of an eco-word corresponding to each letter of the Georgian alphabet or an eco-friendly behavior. Attach the drawing and send it to the eco-alphabet collecting team. The terms are very simple, the main thing is the ability to observe and creative approaches.


The number of selected letters is not limited. You can send as many as you can find a suitable match and adjust the drawing.


When is the competition deadline?


One can participate in the competition from June 27, until September 31, and the works must be sent to the indicated address. Do not forget to include the name, school, and age of the author of Eco-Alphabet in the sent material. Also, take a photo with your work and send it to us here:

The best works

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