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Environmental Competition for School Students

As part of the World Eco-Schools program, the organization “Keep Georgia Tidy” continues a series of cognitive competitions and offers all school students to participate in an environmental competition - Create an Eco-Hero, which aims to pay more attention to environmental issues and encourage students and teachers to work more on this problem in school activities.

The authors of the best works will be revealed on Earth Day on April 22 and will be awarded special prizes.

How to Participate?

In the first place, you shall build your class team (the number of members is not limited, age 7-14 years). Then observe what type of waste is returned at your school and home, which could become good working material instead of being thrown into the bin (for example plastic bottles of different types, wrapping materials, and so on) and create an eco-hero using them.  

What shall be taken into consideration? 

Before using waste for building material, show them to your parents and teachers and make sure they are safe and then use in the team. 

Where to send the work?


Take a photo of your hero, tell us about it; (what do you call it, how and for what purpose did you create it), indicate the school, the class, and its authors, upload the information on your or your parent, teacher's Facebook page, hashtag #ecogmiri and tag the page – Keep Georgia Tidy. Please send the work also to the e-mail: 

Can teachers also participate?

The engagement and participation of the teachers in the team is a very good idea.  

What is the deadline for sending the work?

12 April 2020 is the deadline for acceptance of the works.  

Who will evaluate the works?

The works will be evaluated by the members of the organization "Keep Georgia Tidy" and the representatives of its partner environmental and educational organizations.

When will the winners be revealed?

The winners will be announced on April 22, International Earth Day.
If you still have a question that we have not answered, please write us.

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