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E-SPACE – Eco-Schools Project Advancing Circular Economy


To act circularly is to be in harmony with nature, We need many useful examples to create a better future.

A better, greener future is the concern of education. That is why the Eco-Schools Program works for the development of the Circular Economy and encourages the entire school community to be involved in this process.

Join the E-SPACE challenge and create a green product/service that will be more eco-friendly and will try to solve daily environmental problems.

Register for participation from July 20 to September 1.

You can present new ideas in your own school space from September 15 to October 1. Share the material on social networks  with the hashtag #ESPACE_Georgia #Ecoschools_Georgia

How to create a new eco-friendly product or service and develop green skills?

Explore the products and services around us;

Think how much they harm the environment;

Consider whether there are solutions that will make the given product or service eco-friendly and create a new resource instead of leaving waste;

Learn how nature works in cycles and why it leaves no waste;

Create new by observing nature. Think about whether it is possible to connect the products and services around us to the circular system of nature and change them accordingly.

Ask Questions:

For example, how do we package the product?

Is there a better greener solution?

What happens to old furniture, appliances, and other “useless” things?

Are there any approaches that would give these things a new life or turn them into recyclable raw materials?

Based on these observations and research, create a new idea, a prototype, and explain its useful properties and what it can do for the benefit of the environment. Present and share with others.

We believe that it is possible to leave no waste and use everything as a new resource. To achieve this, it is important to observe the environment and develop green skills.

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