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01 |  current

Together with Tegeta Green Planet, the organization Keep Georgia Tidy (KGT) offers pupils to participate in an important environmental activity and take part in the creation of special signs that point our fellow citizens to necessary environmental actions.


02  |  Ended

The organization Keep Georgia Tidy (KGT) offers all schoolchildren a fun competition during the summer holidays.

03  |  Ended

Organization: "Keep Georgia Tidy", within the frameworks of the World School Project, invites all students and teachers of Georgian public schools to participate in an environmental competition.


04 | Ended

 Create an Eco-Hero, which aims to pay more attention to environmental issues and encourage students and teachers to work more on this problem in school activities.

05  |  Ended

The organization "Keep Georgia Tidy (KGT)" announced an eco-competition for pupils on April 22,  which aimed to encourage eco-activism in the new generation and draw public attention to environmental problems.

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